zAgileConnect v1.8 Release Notes

Release 1.8

Release Date:  December 12, 2016

Please also see 

zAgileConnect v1.8.1 Release Notes


  • Share Case Attachments with related JIRA Issue(s) - In addition to being able to explicitly send attachments to JIRA, it is now also possible to make all Case Attachments visible to related JIRA Issue(s) to allow JIRA users to download them locally or in the Issue.  
  • Share Case Comments with related JIRA Issue(s) - This option allows all Case Comments to become visible  
  • Support for JQL via Advanced Search feature in Salesforce Case page
  • Support for Salesforce Lightning UI
  • Permission Restrictions for enabling JIRA Issue Creation, Update, and other actions on Related JIRA Issues VF page by Users and Profiles
  • CSV import of Case-Issue relationships into zAgileConnect
  • Project and Issue Type fields may be mapped on Issue Creation, relevant when auto-creating JIRA Issue upon Case creation
  • Issue Entity Properties in JIRA Server to allow access to Case fields in JIRA


  • Issue Updates to Salesforce (ZIssue) are configurable by batch size, retry frequency and time interval
  • JIRA Issue Search from Salesforce now supports searching by Issue Key
  • Comments sent from Case feed are no longer added to Case Comments
  • Salesforce Files are supported in the list of attachments available to be sent to JIRA
  • Enhanced Retry mechanism for JIRA Issue update to Salesforce, with email notification on update failures 
  • Support for TLS v1.1 and v1.2 for bidirectional exchange between Salesforce and JIRA Server

Upgrading to zAgileConnect 1.8.x

Due to some changes in package components leading up to v1.8.x, upgrading to this version from earlier versions requires two steps:

  • Upgrade your existing package to zAgileConnect v.1.7.10

Package URL –

  • Upgrade v1.7.10 to v1.8.x

Package URL –

If you attempt to perform a direct upgrade, you will see the following msg from the installer

To install a package into a Salesforce sandbox org, 'login' is replace by 'test' in the package URL

The upgrade will retain existing configuration and data. However, it is strongly recommended that you backup existing data prior to performing these steps.

Upgrading zAgileConnect for JIRA Server

Upgrading zAgileConnect for JIRA Server

When upgrading zAgileConnect Salesforce package, please make sure to also perform the requisite upgrade to the Add-on in JIRA to make sure that the two components are compatible with each other.

The Add-on compatibility matrix provides links to the relevant versions to match with the Salesforce package version that you have installed

Installing zAgileConnect for JIRA Server