zAgileConnect v1.7 Release Notes

Release 1.7

Release Date:  August 20, 2015

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  • Console Components for Issue Activity and Suggested Issues related to a Case
  • Show Issue Activity, History, and Work Log in Issue Detail related to Salesforce Case
  • Auto Issue creation when Case is created 
  • Map Case fields to corresponding JIRA Issue fields (standard and custom), optionally updating them in Issue when corresponding Case is updated 
  • Batch synchronization of mapped fields from Case to JIRA 
  • Send Comments to JIRA Issue via Case Feeds
  • A new Salesforce junction object representing Case-Issue relationship that can now be used directly for summary counts, formula fields,  workflow rules, and other customizations


  • Significant improvements in the installation and configuration steps
  • Comments exchanged between Salesforce and JIRA are synced when updated in the originating application 
  • Capture Issue Creation/Linking actions from Salesforce in Issue Activity (JIRA Server)
  • Improvements in supporting many different field types when mapping from Case to Issue (JIRA Server)
  • Move field mapping between Case and Issue from JIRA plugin to Salesforce package (JIRA Server)
  • Configurable field layout in Related JIRA Issues VF page in Case (JIRA Server) 
  • Support for larger number of JIRA Projects (>40) available to Support teams for creating Issues.


  • Charts/Dashboards in JIRA

Upgrading to Release 1.7 (for JIRA on-premise)

It is strongly advised that all upgrades be first performed in a sandbox environment of both Salesforce and JIRA

The following steps must be followed for upgrading to zAgileConnect 1.6 from prior releases.

  1. Perform a backup of JIRA active objects data that stores Case-Issue relationship details.  This option is available in JIRA plugin admin section.
  2. Update zAgileConnect JIRA plugin to 1.7 (from Atlassian Marketplace).  All previous settings will be retained during this update.
  3. Upgrade zAgileConnect Salesforce package to 1.7 (from Salesforce AppExchange).  The upgrade will retain existing configuration settings.
  4. Re-authenticate JIRA to Salesforce using OAuth credentials.
  5. In Salesforce package configuration:
    1. reauthenticate to JIRA, 
    2. reconfigure default values for JIRA project and isssue type
    3. reconfigure Case properties to send to JIRA
    4. configure JIRA issue properties to pull into Salesforce
    5. select 'Refresh JIRA Issue Data in Salesforce' option to retrieve and cache all Case IDs that have related JIRA issues.
  6. Review and update other configurations as appropriate.