zAgileConnect v1.5 Release Notes

Release 1.5

Release Date:  October 13, 2014


  • JIRA issue creation from within Salesforce now supports both quick create and full issue creation panel, including custom fields
  • Full editing of JIRA issue(s) linked to a case from within Salesforce, including custom fields
  • Restrict 'Related JIRA Issues' page to view-only via Permission Set assignments for users who do not need to create, link or edit issues 
  • Configure default issue priority for JIRA issue creation from Salesforce


  • Case Owner ID can be sent to related issues in JIRA
  • JIRA issue details in Salesforce now include linked cases
  • Attachment size from Salesforce to JIRA now conforms to system-defined size limit for sending attachments
  • Significant optimizations to reduce traffic from Salesforce to JIRA
  • Caching of authentication token in JIRA to minimize reduce requests associated with each Salesforce transaction


  • Comments now support case-insensitive hashtags
  • "Too many callouts" error when sending multiple attachments to JIRA

Upgrading to Release 1.5

The following steps must be followed for upgrading to zAgileConnect 1.5 from prior releases.

  1. Perform a backup of JIRA active objects data that stores Case-Issue relationship details.  This option is available in JIRA plugin admin section.
  2. Update zAgileConnect JIRA plugin to 1.5 (from Atlassian Marketplace).  All previous settings will be retained during this update.
  3. Upgrade zAgileConnect Salesforce package to 1.5 (from Salesforce AppExchange).  The upgrade will retain existing configuration settings.
  4. Re-authenticate JIRA to Salesforce using OAuth credentials.
  5. In Salesforce package configuration, select 'Synchronize Salesforce with JIRA' option to retrieve and cache all Case IDs that have related JIRA issues.
  6. Review and update other configurations as appropriate.