zAgileConnect v1.4 Release Notes

Release 1.4

Release Date:  July 28, 2014


  • Map case attributes to JIRA issue fields, including custom fields
  • View JIRA issue details in Salesforce, including sub-tasks and linked issues
  • Search JIRA issues from Salesforce, including relevancy search
  • Link Salesforce case to JIRA issues from search results
  • Auto create JIRA issue when case is created (supports email2case and bulk load of cases)
  • Sync Salesforce data with JIRA from Salesforce configuration
  • Drill down in charts to show details
  • Attribute sharing of all Salesforce objects (including custom objects) related to a case
  • Configurable auto close of a case if all related JIRA issues are resolved (or closed)


  • Auto update of JIRA default project and issue type in Salesforce configuration when connected to JIRA
  • Disabling of Salesforce triggers used by zAgileConnect - to minimize future calls (used only in exceptional situations)
  • Support Case Console display format for viewing JIRA issue detail and search results
  • JIRA comment to Salesforce truncated when > 4000 chars
  • Support for basic Salesforce datatypes for display formatting in JIRA


  • Bulk case operations causing 'Too many SOQL queries' and "Future calls limit exceeded"
  • "Too many callouts" error when sending multiple attachments to JIRA
  • Case insensitivity when using hashtags (#salesforce, #jira) to send comments between Salesforce and JIRA
  • Maintain case linkages even when issue moved to another project or type
  • Salesforce-JIRA data sync fails when selected fields are inaccessible to integration user