zAgileConnect v1.3 Release Notes

Release 1.3

Release Date:  April 21, 2014


  • Fixed duplicate error messages on insufficient permissions for creating issues in JIRA
  • Remove hashtags ()#Salesforce, #JIRA) from posted comments that are used to indicate comment destination
  • Add User and Case signature on Comments from Salesforce to JIRA
  • Prevent multiple concurrent synchronizations of Case data from Salesforce to JIRA
  • Filter Salesforce properties sent to JIRA to include only supported objects
  • Miscellaneous issues related to use of JIRA Active Objects for persisting Case information in JIRA


  • Support for Import/Export of plugin configuration and Case-related Salesforce data in JIRA
  • User Masquerading (via email address match) for activity between Salesforce and JIRA
  • Auto update of Case Status when Issue is Resolved or Closed
  • Auto creation of JIRA Issue (default Project and Issue Type) when Case is created
  • Support for JIRA 6.2