zAgileConnect Features


Issue Creation and Update

  • Create JIRA Issue(s) directly from Salesforce Case
  • Link Case to existing JIRA Issue(s) in Salesforce
  • Edit JIRA issues in Salesforce
  • Link a Case to multiple Issues
  • Link an Issue to multiple Cases
  • Search JIRA issues in Salesforce
  • Map Salesforce Case attributes to JIRA Issue fields, including custom fields

Sharing of Case and Issue Attributes

  • View Issue details in related Salesforce Case
  • View Case attributes in related JIRA Issue

Sharing Comments between Salesforce and JIRA

  • Send comments from a Salesforce Case to all or a specific related Issue in JIRA
  • Send comments from a JIRA Issue to all or a specific related Case in Salesforce

Sharing Attachments between Salesforce and JIRA

  • Share Case attachments with related JIRA issues
  • Share Issue attachments with related Cases

Tracking Issues in Salesforce

  • Follow JIRA Issue updates on Chatter through its related Case(s)  (*JIRA On-Premise only)


  • Use Salesforce Reports to create reports and dashboards linking Case, Account, Contact, and other Case-related objects with JIRA Issues.


  • Select list of Project and Issue Types for creating issues from Salesforce
  • Select list of Case attributes to send to JIRA for displaying in the issue context
  • Select JIRA Issue attributes to display and retrieve in Salesforce (for reporting)
  • Configure Issue events to display in Salesforce Chatter  (*JIRA on-premise only)
  • Configure if Issue should be automatically created upon Case creation
  • Configure if Case should be closed if Issue is closed  (*JIRA on-premise only)
  • Proxy User ID (Integration User) for representing transactions between Salesforce and JIRA 


  • Search, View and Update JIRA Issues in Salesforce1 on mobile devices