Installation FAQs


This section provides answers to some of the frequently reported problems during installation and setup of zAgileConnect for Salesforce and JIRA

Problems authenticating from Salesforce to JIRA

  1. JIRA URL is not defined in Remote Sites setting to allow Salesforce to communicate to it.
  2. JIRA is not accessible to Salesforce (due to corporate firewall issues).  If you access your corporate JIRA via a VPN then it will not be automatically accessible to Salesforce.  Please consult with your network administration team to confirm that JIRA is open to at least Salesforce whitelisted IP addresses.
  3. JIRA login requires CAPTCHA, hence it fails when attempted via the application.  CAPTCHA must be disabled or resolved to allow Salesforce to perform a successful login using the JIRA integration account that you have specified.

Problems authenticating from JIRA to Salesforce

  1. Invalid Consumer Key or Consumer Secret in JIRA, likely as a result of copy/paste error of these values from Salesforce, missing characters or extraneous whitespace
  2. Blocked outgoing traffic through the corporate firewall 
  3. Connected App not registered within Salesforce - once created, it takes a few minutes to register the settings and any authentication attempts will fail with 'invalid URL' message.  This simply requires waiting for 10-15 minutes after creating the connected app before trying to authenticate from JIRA

Authentication to JIRA was successful but configuration section for JIRA Projects and Issue Types is blank

In JIRA plugin administration->Configure Salesforce Context, you must select JIRA projects and issue types that will be visible to Salesforce.  Once selected, this list will appear in the corresponding Salesforce configuration setting where you can select default values for JIRA project, issue type and priority.  These default values are used when creating a JIRA issue from Salesforce

Salesforce Case attributes are not visible in JIRA issue

You must select specific Case attributes as well as attributes belonging to Case-related objects (Account, Contact, etc.) in Salesforce app configuration before these are made visible to JIRA for display or reporting purpose.  These attributes may be made visible within the issue screen in JIRA via the plugin admin option->Properties Display Configuration

Cannot create JIRA Issue from Salesforce

Once connectivity between Salesforce and JIRA is established, failure to create JIRA issues from Salesforce may be due to permission issues.  zAgileConnect will first match the Salesforce user's email address with an account in JIRA and use the permissions associated with that account for all transactions for that user from Salesforce.   If no match is found, then the Integration User account (used to authenticate Salesforce to JIRA) is used to perform the operation.  Please ensure that permissions associated with these accounts allow for JIRA issue creation in the selected project(s).